Dulcimer Received.....with many thanks from tearful eyes.


I used tracking & saw the dulcimer arrived at the PO today so went to get it.  The man working in the post office said "now that's the way to ship a package you don't want to get broken!".  I unscrewed the lid and out comes a beautiful dulcimer.  I put it on the table and have played Amazing Grace & Old Joe Clark (with the thank you turkey quill & noter) and it sounds wonderful...it stayed in tune also during the trip but you sure packed it well and you pack the very best of any dulcimer builder I have done business with. Take a bow!  It not only looks nice and is a good size but it sounds wonderful also.  I like the color it is now and peeped under my tablecloth again to see the color my poplar table top is after 25 years and envision the dulcimer as it will age.  Thank you so much and your letter with all the info is a very nice touch ( peeped inside also to see my name & it is again a treat when it is spelled correctly as you did).  I am very pleased and happy with the dulcimer and after some practice will take it around to play outs....I like standing up to play by the way as it seems easier to get the strum going for me right now.  One question...if I need to replace a string what size should I ask for so I can have them on hand? 



Got it!


I received and signed for the dulcimore a little bit ago.  After opening up the wooden shipping box, and opening up the packaging material, I saw it.  It has exceeded what I dreamed it would look like.  After letting it acclimate to the temperature, I played a couple songs on it.  The sound is awesome!  Plays like a dream.  If you have a customer that wants a couple references, please feel free to have them contact me.

I had taken a break from making some video clips, and when I do again, I'm going to post a link to your site.  Now to decide what to make a clip of.

My best,

Dan - real, real nice dulcimer. When I got it the bass string sounded dead to me, no sustain, so I switched it out for a bit lighter string, which helped. As I've played it, though, the sustain has increased noticeably and now it's just fine...not exceptional sustain but very decent, all it needs to be.

 Physically an extremely beautiful instrument. Such a great design, and the wood's spectacular.

 I like the sound a lot...real solid and old-time dulcimer sound with good personality,. Takes a little care to make the melody string stand out but it's the real deal. Sounds perfect when played with a thumb roll-type strum ala Jean Ritchie. Kind of a quiet instrument when played on the lap, but a lot of punch when played on a table.

 Yup, this is a real for-true dulcimer. This is the sound, the look, the personality that I really like, but that's so hard to find now. Thanks for all the care you've put into this. It was pretty much love at first site when I opened the packing crate. I hope you keep building, because I see myself ordering another instrument from you in the future. Thanks again. I really like this dulcimer very, very much. It's a beauty.


All the best,



A Dulcimore to Treasure


When I dreamed of a Virginia-type dulcimer in the style of Jacob Neff, I had no idea how to make that happen ... but you sure did!

Thanks for listening patiently to all my questions and requests, making expert suggestions and even studying a Neff original to determine how best to adapt a 127-year-old design for modern play. The result is breathtaking! And the craftsmanship is superb -- from the unusual sound holes and the striking inlays on the dulcimore's head to her hand-rubbed oil/wax finish and that amazing shipping crate. I am especially tickled that you included a notation of the day's weather, just like Neff did with his dulcimore's.

Best of all, her sparkling sound is delightful! This heirloom-quality dulcimore is even lovelier than the original, and I will treasure her always. Thank you also for the quill plectrum, the *awesome* noter and the other goodies. You've made this Virginia gal very happy indeed!


Peg Head

Got to play a bit last night. Fantastic tone! 

Also, the fret board work is quite nice. The staple frets are smooth and even. My noter glides right over, slides are clean. I can also be precise and less "slip slidey" when needed, playing more staccato. Fantastic work, Dan. 

You are right, the volume is good (especially on a table). Makes me wonder if I could get a little portable table, flat board for my lap, or stand for when I jam.



Well to start off with. When I showed my wife the new Clark, she fell in love with it. Loved the way it sounds, the wood, and how to tune it. I'm still getting the hang of tuning it to different tuning's. It has a sweet clear voice and the action is so smooth. Glides right along. 
So only having it for a few days, and most of them were at the Hindman Dulcimer Homecoming, time was short as to playing it. Now that I'm back home, I can spend a lot more time getting acquainted with my new dulcimer. 

Got Honey?
I know where you can get some...


Dan--I just wanted you to know that I was looking at all the dulcimers at a show and thought none of them had the beautiful smooth and soft-to-the-touch finish that you put on your dulcimers. I've been practicing noter and drone and am really enjoying learning to play on the dulcimer that you made me. The other one I bought will have to wait until I am ready to do chords.




Thanks, Dan. The operation seems to have been a success, although I only pulled the first fret up a hair. I think it is fixed! Now I'm having a grand time seeing what tunes I can easily adapt. I've been playing Old Joe Clark and Mississippi Sawyer, since they seemed to pop right out when I am in a 1-5-8 tuning. I think I play pretty hard, so I wonder if I'll end up pushing the fret back down. Time will tell.


I think I mentioned this, but I just wanted to say again what a nice sounding instrument this is. I was a little disappointed when I played a McSpadden at the music shop. I felt right away that it wasn't the sound I fell in love with on traditional recordings. But as soon as I heard your dulcimore's on my visit, I knew I could find the sound I was after.


Happy New Year!