* Traditional Hand Craft*
Berea Traditional Dulcimer Gathering 

May 16 19, 2019
at Berea College, Kentucky

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Note: This event is utilizing the facilities at Berea College but is not
sponsored by Berea College or the Berea College Appalachian Center.

To register click here and let us know you are coming.

E-Mail at berea.traditional.gathering@gmail.com for questions or comments.

Welcoming fans of dulcimer history and traditional dulcimers from all regions.

* Emphasis on traditional dulcimer history and playing
* Emphasis on noter & drone, finger dancing and bowing
* Emphasis on modes in DAA, Ddd, DAC, DAG or equivalent tunings as necessary
* All skill levels

* Experienced and knowledgeable players will mentor and teach folks in these areas. 
* No attendance fee
* Attendees get a free noter and quill




Attendees may stay at Anna Smith Residence Hall. The address is 122 Jackson St, Berea, KY 40403.

***Bring your own *** bed linen, pillow and toiletries including a towel.

COST: $25 per night per person, payment made when you arrive with cash or check please.

There are no camping hookups on the campus. However, there are two campgrounds within 3 miles of campus.

Campus Dining Services will provide All You Can Eat, 3-meals a day, pay as you go.

 You also have the option of eating any/all meals off campus if you prefer.



(Remember your note book!)



* DAILY TOPIC lecture or playing lesson on some aspect of traditional dulcimers or dulcimer history.
* Virginia luthier, Bobby Ratliff, will bring a dulcimer he's made out of multiple woods and attendees 
guess the wood species. Whoever guesses correctly wins the dulcimer. It will be one of his Piglet Hogfiddles.
* Builders/Historic displays/Traditional Vendors no charge for space 
* Playing individually or in small groups, whenever and wherever 
Each night open mic/mini-concerts and jams

*The agenda is just a guide to get things rolling, none of it is mandatory. If you want

to get together to jam/work on something traditional during a particular time frame you are more than welcome to do so.





Laid back, relaxed:

* Each day morning, afternoon, and evening topics. 

* Playing in small groups when/wherever


THURSDAY (16 May 2019)
Throughout the day register/check in
Evening: after supper casual gathering in common area to meet and greet and talk old time dulcimer talk

         Get Noterized (discussions on Traditional Playing Styles, Quill preparation and strumming techniques/What to do with that Quill, 

Whipping the strings, Using a Strummer, various tunings etc)


FRIDAY (17 May 2019)

a.m. Two hands on talks pertaining to vintage and historical dulcimers at Loyal Jones Center by Prof. Mills and Mr. Miller

p.m. Round robin discussions on how to prepare a quill, quill strumming techniques, old timey plectrums, and free time.

Evening: Informal discussion by all the luthiers about how they got started and what they like to build etc.; Discuss

traditional tunings other than DAA; anything you might like to discuss; Mini-concerts/jams


SATURDAY (18 May 2019)
a.m. Visit with Warren May in his shop, downtown Berea
p.m. Dulcimore making discussion with Dulcimore Dan in house
Open discussions to focus on what attendees want to work on more; mini-concerts/jams


SUNDAY (19 May 2019)
a.m. casual gathering in common area/last minute discussions
Noon: Checkout

Check back often as we will be updating frequently!


* Image courtesy of Karen Bennett *